The subject heading should tell you all you need to know, but I will expand a little. The first thing is that I have now advanced sufficiently in years that I am retired. Also brain and patience seem to be getting exhausted.Back in the day, before I discovered Open Office, I used to use the Microsoft Office suite. When it came to producing business cards at home, it was almost too easy. Word was equipped with all the necessary Avery templates. Just buy the correct Avery product, complete the template, put a sheet of the product in the printer and all was well.Those days are gone! As has Microsoft Word. And the PCs and printers that I used to use then. And, apparently, Avery as I knew it here in the UK.The one time that I’ve bought an Avery product for producing business cards, the whole alignment was way out. I feel totally out of my depth. As you can probably tell, I am in no way a “techie”. Time was that I happily fought my way through tomes on Excel Visual Basic, but those days have also gone despite having more time at my personal disposal.

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