Hi everyone!

Firstly I would like to apologize for not writing in Romanian. I need some information on metro in Bucharest and I couldn't find any www pages in English, not saying anything about pages in Polish.What is the role of Bucharest Metro in the transportation system of the city?Can you tell me something about the integration between metro and street-level transport (buses, trams, trolleybuses etc.)? Are the interchages clearly marked (signage)? Are there any interchange terminals and stations near metro? Are the stations locations convenient for changing passengers? Are the tram and bus stops liked with metro stations? You have to buy seperate tickets? If street-level lines are operated and manged by a seperate company, do they concur with metro and run parallel to metro tunnels?By mid-2007 Metrorex and RATB were supposed to become one company. This didn't happen. Why? Is there any new date and what is now happening in this matter? What will this integration of companies change?

Please help.

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